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Yovkovtsi Dam, ElenaCod 2550

Built 5 km from the town of Elena, on the river Veselina, the Yovkovtsi Dam is one of the largets and most beautiful lakes in the country.
Its total volume is 92.179 million m³ and ensures drinking water for above 250.000 people in Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo regions.
Named after one of the villages destroyed during its construction – Yovkovtsi village.
Its construction started in March 1968 and the first release of water from the dam to Veliko Tarnovo is on April 25, 1979.
During the 1981-1982 was finished the pumping station of drinking water system “Yovkovtsi” and water supply in Elena.
Populated with more than 10 species of fish, the lake is suitable for recreational fishing. In its waters swim, carp, whitefish and others. Fishing is allowed only in certain places. Majoritatea drumurilor către baraj sunt de clasa a treia, drumuri rurale și forestiere.
A good tourist infrastructure was built and besides this good fishing lake, the dam is suitable for boating, camping and vacations close to nature.

The dam offers many places with wonderful views.
The great diversity of fish attracts many tourists every year. In the lake are fishes such as: pike, rudd, carp, silver carp, grass carp, perch, catfish.

The area is well organized, suitable for tents, hiking, camping and more.
Fishermen must read the signs indicating the fishing allowed areas and must have a permit-ticket, otherwise the fine is about 500 leva.

The “Yovkovtsi” Dam is built on the Veselina River, opportunities for fishing. I n its waters chub and barbel can be caught.

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