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The Henri Coandă Museum, PerişorCod 1403

In the year 2006, in Perisor, was arranged by the city father a village museum.

Because of the support given by the Romanian Association for Propaganda and of Aerial Navigation History (ARPIA), the headquarters of Craiova, it was also possible to be placed an airplane IAR 93, in the courtyard of the museum, one of the first Romanian machines at whose execution the Romanian savant contributed. Another symbol of his existence, about which the inhabitants talk with much care, is a nut treet which was planted by Henri Coandă himself.

Here, there are two saloons dedicated to the memory of the great savant, where there are exhibited the materials associated with his childhood, which took place, partly, at Perișor. In front of the museum there was placed a bronze bust of Henri Coandă.

The museum presents in a room different cultural ethnographic goods.

Henri Coandă was born at Bucharest, on the 7th of June 1886, being the second son of a numerous family.

His father was the general Constantin Coandă, former Mathematics professor at the National school of bridges and highroads from Bucharest.

His mother, Aida Danet, was the daughter of the French doctor, Gustave Danet, native from Bretagne.

Even from his childhood, the future engineer and physician was fascinated by the miracle of the wind.

Attending the primary course, not by chance, at school which had the name of the illuminist Petrache Poenaru, then of the College “Saint Sava”, Henri Coandă spent his childhood years mostly at his grandparents from Perișor, making frequent visits at Calafat and Craiova, where they owned properties.

He performed thorough studies in Germany, Belgium and France, having four specialization diplomas at the age of 24.

With the support of the engineer Gustave Eiffel and of the savant Paul Painlevé, who helped him to obtain the necessary approvals, Henri Coandă executed aerodynamic experiments and built in the workshop of body belonging to Joachim Caproni the first jet aircraft, without propellers, conventionally named Coandă – 1910, which he presented at the second International aeronautics saloon from Paris 1910.

Between 1911 – 1914, Henri Coandă worked as a technical director at the Aviation factories from Bristol in England and he built airplanes with propellers of great performance, of his own conception. In the following years he comes back to France, where he built a very appreciated airplane in that period, the first sled – automobile propelled by an engine with reaction, the first aerodynamic train from the world and others. In 1934, he achieves a French invention brevet for Procedure and “the Coandă Effect”. Henri Coandă comes back definitely in the country in 1969, as a director of the Institute of Scientific Creation and Technique (INCREST), and in the following year, 1970, he becomes a member of the Romanian Academy. Henri Coandă dies in Bucharest, on the date of the 25th of November 1972, at the age of 86.


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