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The Izvoru Manor House, IzvoruCod 1629

Izvoru manor house, belonged to the teacher Grigore Constantinescu, born in 1870. Grigore Constantinescu died in 1961, his career is marked by the political environment, being Member of the National Liberal Party.
National Liberal Party (PNL) is one of the main political parties in Romania, with the leading role in modernizing the country. It was founded under this name on May 24, 1875. Liberal Party of United Romanian Principalities emerged as political party in 1875, being led Ion C. Brătianu and Constantin Rosetti, participants in the Revolution of 1848 in the Romanian Country. Ion C. Brătianu was the first president of PNL, until his death in 1891, followed by Dumitru Brătianu (1891-1892), Dimitrie Sturdza (1892-1908), Ion I.C. Brătianu (1908-1927), Brătianu Vintilă (1927- 1930), Ion G. Duca (1930-1933), who was assassinated by the legionaries and Constantin I.C. Brătianu (1933-1950), who was imprisoned by the communists at Sighet prison, where he died.
Izvoru or Garbova is a village in the commune of Găneasa. Izvoru village is located in an isolated position approximately 10 km from the city of Slatina having a small area and a population of approx. 850 inhabitants.
The territory of Izvoru village and of Găneasa commune has plain relief, the commune is crossed by the creeks and Corneş and Oltişor. Izvoru village is mentioned, on April 18th, 1533 in the document in which Vlad Vintilă gives to Cutlumnz monastery from Athos.
On April 15th, 1612 happens the first documentary attestation of Izvor village, district. Romanaţi. Documentary attested since 1612, the village Izvoru existed as territory even in Roman times, being inhabited first by fugitives from nation of Miuleştilor, descendants of “Miu-The Outlaw”, forming first the commune of Dranovătu, becoming much later component of the commune Găneasa. The name of the Izvoru village comes from sources that are currently on the eastern edge of the village. The first inhabitants of this village were fugitives from forest Bistrişa and foreigners were exempted from taxes. In these villages have come: Mihai Leurdeanu, Barbu Cocioaba, Ivan Mitrica, Dogaru, Brâncoveanu and others.

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