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The Maglavit Monastery, MaglavitCod 1395

After the Revolution from 1989, on the 17th of August 1990, at the wish of the Christians the Mitropoly of Oltenia re-founds the monastery, started in 1936.

The pastorate was given to the Archimandrite Policarp Sidor.

In the area, there wasn’t in the past a monastic life, but according to the stories of Petrache Lupu here have settles a few monks, and on the border of the Danube – a small community of nuns.

Here, “at the stub”, where it started to service a monk, was also an abbot with the name of Nicanor.

Also then, it started the building of a great church on the purpose of perpetuating the message of the Maglavit and of spreading it.

The big church from brick wall was planned and was projected on the pillars in order to be protected from the waters of the Danube.

Currently, because the construction of a barrier, the water no longer threatens the church.

The building up of the church started in 1936 and it was continued, but in a smaller measure, until 1940.

After 1990, the basement and the ground floor were closed with bricks, in this way being built the place for the services.

In 2010, following the gathering of the Parish Council of the Archiepiscopacy of Craiova, there were taken more decisions regarding the reorganization and the dynamics of the monastic life from the counties Dolj and Gorj.

His Eminence Irineu, the Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia, blessed and consecrated the chosen abbots and the guardians.

Therefore, pursuant to the grounds no. 955/2010, the Monastery Maglavit was transformed from a monk monastery into a nun monastery after the Protosinghel Valentin Vladimir Dărânga, the former abbot of the Maglavit Monastery, was named in the dignity of great ecclesiarch of the Metropolitan Cathedral “Saint Dumitru” from Craiova.

At the command of the monastery there was named as abbot the nun Maria Manuela Mărgineanu from the Holy Trinity monastery, the locality Strâmba, the county Gorj.

The investment service was officiated by His Eminence Irineu in service with three priests, the Counsel Priest Gheorghe Zamfir, the Priest Protoiereu Pârvu Cornel and a future clerical pastor, the priest Claudiu Marius Cimpoeru, who was in practice at the Holy Monastery.

Also within this service, was named as clerical priest of the monastery the Ieromonah Mateescu Paulin, who serviced at the Sadova Monastery, county of Dolj.

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