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The Medieval Fortress “Baba Vida”, VidinCod 2591

Baba Vida, also called Baba Vida towers is a medieval fortress in Vidin.
It is considered the only fully preserved fortress in Bulgaria. The name Baba Vida that is known today comes from a folk legend. The fortress served to protect the local leader in almost entire Middle Age. Baba Vida is located in the big bend of the Danube River from Vidin.
Significantly it has been extended and consolidated during the reign of Tsar Ivan Sratsimir. A big part of the buildings at that time remained intact. Vidin city fortress is fortified – the city is named by the Turks the virgin fortress because it has never been conquered by force. In its current form, the castle has a courtyard of over 5 acres. It consists of two main walls (2 concentric rectangles) and 4 towers. Those outside of the walls are surrounded by a water ditch, which was erected over the bridge (now of natural stone) at the entrance.
The construction of the current fortress began in the 10th century in a place where before there was a Roman observatory. Were established several periods of construction.
The fortress is the placed where was located a Roman fortress which was built in the 3rd century. It later became the main part, the most fortified ( used as a the castle of the local leader) of the city fortress, and the wall surrounds the city ( the oldest district of Vidin fortress today).
The medieval castle was built on the existing foundations of a roman fortress. It is a Bulgarian construction work. The first works of the fortress date back to the end of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. In the Byzantine chronicles it is said that the city of Vidin resisted the siege that lasted nearly eight months. In this siege troops were led by Byzantine Emperor Basil II. Among the buildings from that period, today have remained only some relatively small. Most of them have preserved walls and towers, and are located on the Danube.
Almost the entire period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the city of Vidin is the most important fort in northwestern Bulgaria. The largest expansion of the castle was made during the reign of Tsar Ivan Sratsimir who ruled in Vidin. He will reside in the city of Vidin as in a feudal castle. During this period, a significant number of inner walls and towers are built. This was then extended to the fortress, similar to the one we have today.
Among the bones found here Prof. paleo-ornithologist Zlatozar Boev has established seven species of birds of which some have long ago vanished from this part of the country: capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) and Macara (Grus grus). Of great interest is the finding of remains of domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo Domestica.) – Among the first in the country.
Baba Vida fortress played an important role during the Ottoman rule. During this period were made a series of works. The fortress, in the late 18th century is no longer used for defensive purposes and serves mainly as a weapons depot and prison.
Baba Vida fortress has also a museum. Inside the fortress are protected a serie of artifacts and information about its history. Since the city opened to tourist visits was preserved its almost entire appearance in its natural state. It is the main tourist attraction of the city and is among the hundred tourist sites of the BTS. In the gallery, between the outer wall and inside towards the Danube is built a summer theater stage.

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