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The Memorial Monument of the Islaz Assembly, IslazCod 1536

In 1969, in the center of Islaz, the memorial monument of the Islaz assembly in 1848 is raised.

The monument was raised to mark the spot where the Popular assembly that approved the Islaz proclamation, program of the 1848 revolution, on June 9th- 21st took place.

The construction is represented by a massive concrete block, having reliefs executed with travertine set up on it.

Islaz was chosen by Nicolae Bălcescu as a place to begin the revolution in Wallachia, because both captain Nicolae Pleşoianu, commander of the dorobanți company that guarded the harbor and the border and Ioan Maiorescu, prefect of Romanaţi county, were on the revolutionaries side.

On June 9th 1848, in Islaz, Ion Heliade Rădulescu reads the Islaz proclamation, which had the shape and value of a constitutional document. Among its 22 provisions we find: administrative and legislative independence, separation of powers, political rights equality, election of a responsible king for five years, reduction of the king’s civilian list, the emancipation of the workers, the emancipation of the israelies and political rights for the compatriots of a different religion, the manumission of gypsies, equal education, creating some penitenciary settelements, creation of the national guard.

Undecided, Gheorghe Bibescu did not cross over to the revolution side nor did he stop it, so that he has to abdicate on June 25th 1848 and to leave the country, going then to Transylvania.

The Romanian revolution in 1848 was part of the European revolution in that same year and an expression of the assertion process of the Romanian nation and of the national conscience. An extremely important factor was the French revolution in February 1848 that had consequences on the entire continent.

On June 7th 1848, in Craiova, Gheorghe Magheru, Nicolae Bălcescu and CostacheRomanescu form, equally, the first temporary revolutionary government.

Gheorghe Bibescu, king of Wallachia, orders the guarding of all harbors to arrest, immediately after landing, the revolutionary instigators coming in from Paris.

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