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Basarabeană stone monastery “St. Dimitrie “is situated Rusenski Lom river valley near the village Basarabovo, 10 km from the town of Ruse.
Stone monastery goes back since the beginning of the Second Bulgarian Empire, but for the first time its name was mentioned in an Ottoman fiscal register in 1431. For some time, in the nineteenth century monastery devoid of inhabitants, but in 1937 settled here Hrisant father Monastery of Transfiguration and offered a new start religious settlement.
The most famous inhabitant of the monastery was born in 1685 in the village Basarabovo sf. Dimitrie, who has spent his entire life in the sanctuary. After his death, the monk was buried in bisericasatului However, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774, his relics were transferred to Bucharest in biseruca “Saints Constantine and Helena” where it is today.
Basarabovo monastery is the only stone mănăsitre active in Bulgaria.
The road that enters the convent passing through a courtyard with a beautiful garden and ends in a well dug sf. Demetrius. People think that water is healing well.
AFLP rocks at the foot of the monastery dining room and two rooms in the cave, built in 1956. From there, the 48 steps to reach a rock platform where there is a niche in which, according to legend, slept sf. Dimitile. To the right of this is a stone church with carved wooden iconostasis, made in 1941, and, moreover, is an icon of the saint depicted in size.
On the other stone staircase to reach a natural cave, where it is buried monk Chrysanthos – the man who revived the monastery and brought her back to life in 1937. The cave acts as oasuar, which carries a museum exhibition,
Celebration of the patron takes place on 26 October – the day sf. Dumitru.
The complex offers not. In the monastery are sold informative icons.

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