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The “Parasinska Gap” Cave, BelimelCod 2138

It is located in the Paresineto area. The cave begins at the northeast edge of the village where the paved road ends and there is a fountain. From here begin two dirt roads. For “pit Parasinska” you should go to the north, and after 600 meters on left. You reach the Great Basin. The road continues along the catchment basin and on the right there is a pine forest. After 300 meters, you reach the entrance to the cave, which is at two meters to the left of the road.
The entrance is located on a sloping, open hillside among low rocks. It has a rectangular shape with dimensions: length 1.8 meters and width of 0.80 meters. The entrance is easy to find, and is very well known to locals. From the entrance of the cave begins 11 meters vertical bell pit. From the bottom inthe north and south develop two galleries. The south gallery is short and relatively low. The main part of the cave develops in the north, where more than two meters to overcome threshold and narrow to fall into a wide and high gallery that leads to the final large room of the cave. The lowest point of the cave is a small mud room in which periodically runs a small underground stream. It leads to side, steep and very muddy gallery for the release of which is necessary to use an auxiliary long rope about 5m. The cave is very rich in secondary formations. Almost everywhere on the ceiling meet stalactites of various sizes-from tsevichni to massive. On the floor in many places there stalgmiti different sizes. The walls also have many formations, ribs, curtains and more. There are also stalagmites with a diameter of 10 to 25cm. The final room of the cave is very beautiful. Here there is a rare concentration of shields and drums. Entities are white with yellow and reddish hue. The cave is inhabited by a large number of bats. Penetration time is about 4 hours.

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