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The Sacred Complex of Lipenik, BelograchikCod 2649

“The sacred complex of Lipenik” (like Chachin “Stone Sanctuary”), is, probably an old unstudied site of worship, about 5 km from the town of Belogradchik, (Vidin District).
The rock massive, which is placed near the complex altar, is across the natural rock reserves, like a rock hill, visible above the southern, eastern and western skyline. The scale is relatively flat and at the ground through the natural processes of erosion and weathering have formed relatively equal specific sites suitable for processing.
At one of these sites are carved petroglyphs which some say that is a model of the solar system. Around this object are other symbols carved in the rock – eye, square, circle and triangle with a dot in the middle. About 10 m of petroglyphs from another great rock can be observed, many of them dug into rock holes and ditches. In this stage, mainly the employees of the History Museum in Belogradchik, and researchers, speculate that these are the remains of a megalithic sanctuary, serving as an old observer, which is related to several similar sites located around Belogradchik, but none of these sites have not yet been studied by experts.
“Petroglyphs” are known to the public in Belogradchik, from the early 1980s, but there is a request that is made by a certain person concerning their dating. According to the Bulgarian archaeologist Sarah Tatarova (Belogradchik, Historical Museum), the petroglyphs must be studied by experts in astronomy in order to decide on the authenticity, purpose and dating of the site. Now are made hypotheses about the age of the petroglyphs which ae placed in a very broad lapse-III the first-third millenniums BC.

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