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Train Station Park, ConstanțaCod 1157

Train Station Park has a green total surface of 45.300 square meters.

In the Train Station Park one can find trees (chestnuts, poplars and others) of about 60 years, if is counted that they were planted as seedlings.

The park is open non-stop, being a perfect environment for those who want to go out for a walk, alone or with they loved ones. For those who want to spend more time in the park,  benches were arranged.

The kinetic artesian fountain made of stainless steel,  from the Train Station was achieved only during the 70s, following the plans of the sculptor Constantin Lucaci.

Constantin Lucaci was born on 7 July 1923, in Bocşa Românã, Caras Severin.

He was a Romanian sculptor and professor of sculpture, winner of the Herder Prize during 1984, best known for the kinetic fountains he made,  as well as for the monumental sculptures in stone and steel, respectively for various combined monumental ensembles including the monumental kinetic fountains.

The first fountain made is the one from Constanţa, during  1971. Follows the one from Turnu Severin, during 1979, Vaslui – 1981 Reşiţa – 1984, Brãila, with three fountains (1988 – 1992), Giurgiu in 2000 and Alba Iulia, in 2007.

Starting from 1993 he was professor of sculpture department within  the Academy of Fine Arts from Cluj.

During 2007, there was inaugurated the Museum Constantin Lucaci, under Vatican aegis, which is located in the sanctuary San Francesco di Paola, Calabria, Italy.

On 5 June 2012, there was inaugurated the Museum “Constantin Lucaci”, from Bocşa city, the hometown of the master. The museum displays a number of  17 stainless steel sculptures donated to Bocşa city.

Outside Romania, the kinetic sculpture Star is  a part of the permanent exhibition ” Fucina degli Angeli” from Venice. Other works of the artist are included in private or public collections from the cities Antwerp, Copenhagen, Ferrara, Milan, Rome, Venice.

One should mention that the Kinetic Fountain has been made in full at the former Naval Mechanics Company from Constanţa.

In the park one can see the church St. Stephen, which started to be built during 2005, with the help of donations  received from parishioners and others.

Unfortunately, the construction has not been completed until now, the funds being exhausted. According to information, the priest was involved in various scandals, on his name existing several files of fraud.


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