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Bike Trail Belogradchik – Time Route, BelogradchikCod 2681

Distance: 18.7 km, + 643 total displacement m, -663 m; Intermediary level.The route starts from the old fortress Kale. From around it is the exactly entrance into the pine forest. In the distance, a few hundred meters away, the road passes through short, but steep, curves. If you go on the left of the road, this deviation goes to the left  near some small cottages and some beautiful rocks. At the T jonction  to the bottom on the right follow the road until you reach the field. Turn right and you’ll see some beautiful views of the Triassic rocks found on the right. Before descending to the river bed, make a right turn, you will climb again. Immerse yourself in this different world of rocks. Along the way you’ll pass over a small house of a eal hermit. This road would have to climb through the pine forest. In turn, this leads very highly to the left and descends, on the old road. After you pass by several abandoned houses on the left and cross the river, beware of left turn.Go down towards the village of Izvos. Go on the track and be very careful when crossing. Go towards Belogradchik. After the bus station, turn right just before the bridge, and go on the dirt road to the left. The route passes through impressive rock formations, and must pay attention to the line of descent, strewn with small stones (a technical area to a certain extent). Keep going towards the center of Belogradchik.

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