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Brătășanu Ensemble, RadomireștiCod 1642

The ensemble was built in the nineteenth century by the nobleman Polișor Brătăşeanu. The building is made of brick, the frame is made of wood with a tile covering. Within the mansion has functioned Poiana Radomireşti Agricultural Association.
Polișor Bătășanu (1857-1935) was a Romanian politician, member of the Romanian National Party, then vice president of the National Peasant Party (1926). He edited the conservative newspaper “La Roumanie” (1918-1919), published in Paris, which has showed the international public opinion the legitimacy of the unification desideratum of the Romanians.
Radomireşti is a new village, founded by deserters from the estates of boyars from Radomir village in Dolj County.
Its name comes from a Slavic leader – Radomir – settled here, and over time the people from his band were called ‘Radomireşti’ ‘.
Being a lowland village the population was occupied more with agriculture and animal husbandry, concerns that are found chiefly today in the daily occupation of the villagers. A small part of the population will have been busy with crafts or trade. The village has experienced a period of economic prosperity in the nineteenth century, being located halfway between Caracal and Rosiorii de Vede.
We have the first documentary of the village since 1512-1513, July 23rd, when ruler Neagoe Basarab gives to goverment to Cutlumuz Monastery in Mount Athos, its villages, surrounded by boyars. A much more certain documentary attestation date of the village of Radomireşti is the year 1606, May 12th, when in Târgoviște, ruler Radu Serban – 1602-1611 (on second reign) gives to cupbearer Badea the goverment over the dominion of the villages Stoicăneşti, Crăciunei, Radomirești and Călineşti.
Radomireşti village is the village center of the commune with the same name. The commune also includes the villages: Crăciunei, Olt, Poiana, Olt and Călinești. According to the census conducted in 2011,Radomireşti village population stands at 3.402 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002, when were registered 4.129 inhabitants. Most inhabitants are Romanian (94.47%). For 5.35% of the population, ethnicity is not known. In terms of religious, most people are Orthodox (94.44%). For 5.35% of the population is not known the confessional belonging.

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