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The Church Holy Princes, HotăraniCod 1625

The Monasteri from Hotarani monastery was built by the end of the sixteenth century, but on the ruins of a Roman village (vicus), a suburb of the ancient city Romula. Mitrea, founder of the monastery, is one of the prominent political figures from the second half of the sixteenth century, being documentary mentioned between royal governors starting from 1569, and then without interruption until 1585. fighting. Immediately after its construction by Mitrea great governor in the years 1587-1588, the monastery suffer great destruction, first in 1612, when was pillaged by the Turks, and then in 1718, when it was burned again by Turks and Tatars. In 1750 it was rebuilt and dedicated in the coming years to Dionysiou monastery on Mount Athos, being the only monastery from Romanian Country attributed this monastic atonit settelment.
It was burned in 1801 and repaired in 1812 when externally is added at the altar, a circular room, the proskomidi. It was painted again in 1840, maintaining however some parts from the old painting. The monks’ cells – late in 1860 – served as classrooms, while the first teachers were the nuns themselves. In 1890-1900 the cells and the outer wall, even the tower were sold by the forest service from Romula to a particular person. By revolting, the inhabitants, saved from selling the exterior wall and the tower, which finally burned in 1899. The church of modest size, sheltered in Resca forest is of a rectangular plan. Church porch, vaulted with a transversal half-cylinder and bordered by rugged masonry pillars, is one of the first examples of this kind in the Wallachian architecture. Besides the church, the monastery is surrounded by a strong wall enclosure, still visible in certain portions.
First romanian monk who was abbot at Hotarani, after 1863 was the well known Radu Sapca. We do not know when it was consecrate the monastery nor by whom. Maybe Mr. Radu Mihnea , without being sure. In any case, Paul of Alep,thought of it as in 1657 metoc hagiorite. The first reference to Hotărani in the documents from Dionysiou monastery is from 1714. That year, on 30 January, Maria, widow of governor Gheorghe Falcoianu with her son Mihai,gives to the monastery Hotarani, the estate Izbicenii de Jos from the the Romanati territory. Two years later, on 29 August, the great cloister Constantin Ştirbei strengthens to the monasterii (abbot being Ignatius) the estate mentioned.

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