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„Sfinții Voievozi” Church, BabiciuCod 1569

The church ” Sfintii Voievozi” from Babiciu was built around 1833, it is included in the list of historical monuments of Olt County.

The first repairs of the church took place in 1892, following those of 1929. The painting the church was restored in 1966.

Saints archangels Michael and Gabriel are celebrated every year on November 8. St. Archangels are the “saints with swords” who take care of people’s souls when they die to lead them in the next world, in heaven or in hell, depending on the life of every human.

It is said that in mountainous areas, the two saints are seen as protectors of sheep. The owners of the sheep make on this day a large cake of cornmeal called Arieta’s cake. On the morning of November 8 the cake is thrown up into sheep’s stable. If the cake falls face up it is said to be a good sign of joy among shepherds, considering that all the sheep will have lambs, and if the cake falls face down is great anger is a sign of poverty, of infertility.

Since ancient times it is said that the Archangel Gabriel is perceived as the protector of mothers, virgins, infants and children, being the one who told the Virgin Mary that will give birth to child, Jesus Chris. He also is the one who masters together with Saint Haralambos, the plague.

According to a legend, Michael would have initially been a simple man married to a beautiful girl named Stancuța. After marriage the girl  turned into a bad woman, and for the patience that Michael had with her, God made him a saint. When a man’s life is in turn, it is said that, Archangel Michael makes its appearance at the bedside of the ailing and sits at his head if it is doomed to death, or at his feet if he has to live. If the man gives his last breath, Archangel Michael sits on the right of the dying being in a constant battle with the devil that sits to the left to take the man’s soul to hell. Archangel cuts the devil’s head off with his sword and the blood spreads throughout the whole room, that is why, after a death, the  room, where the man has breathed his last, is being painted.

St. Michael is traditionally seen as a warrior angel, in constant battle with devils. St. Michael fights against demons whenever they try to steal the celestial stars the Moon and the Sun occasion for the eclipses to take place. Also Archangel Michael struggles with Scaraoțchi’s wife, called Mamareaua, which he impedes from throwing frost over people. For this reason as we all know this day is called among the people also “the summer of Archangels”, announcing the transition from one season to another, from one state to another, from warm and beautiful weather to rainy and dreary weather.

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