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„Saint Voivodes” Church, SlatinaCod 1660

The Church of Saint Voivodes was built between 2001-2004. Byzantine painting is one being done in fresco by painter Gheorghe Albu. The consecration service was officiated by His Holiness Gerasimos, Bishop of Râmnic on 15 May 2005.
In the late eleventh century, in Constantinople breaks out a big dispute over the three saints, celebrated on January 30, people wondering who is greater, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom.
After a few years since the beginning of disagreements, the three saints began to appear one by one, to the bishop of Evhaites of the St. John Mauropous. Finally, in 1084, in a vision of his, the three saints appeared together. The words that those three have addressed to Saint John shows us how the saints work together – with God and among themselves
“As you can see, we are one with God and is no hatred between us. Each of us, at his time, impelled by the Spirit have written teachings of man’s salvation. The way the Holy Spiri instilled us, so we learned. There is not between us a the first one and another a second. If you call on one, are also coming the other two. Therefore, you, standing up, command, to those who are feuding, not to quarrel for us. That our unwillingness, as we were alive and after death, was to reconcile people and bring to the world peace and unity. Bring us together, but, making us feast for three in one day, and inform the Christians, that we before God, are one. ”
Following this vision, St. John chose the day of January 30th to celebrate the joint of the Three Hierarchs, being extinguished, thereby, the disputes within the capital, the world uniting to celebrate together the Holy Hierarch Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and Saint John Chrysostom.
In order to recognize the theological value of the Saints, by the decision taken in Athens, at the first Congress of Teachers of Theology in 1936, they became spiritual patrons ot the Orthodox theological education institutions worldwide.

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