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„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, Bărăștii de CepturiCod 1576

The church of ” Assumption of the Virgin” from Bărăștii de Cepturi was built in 1820. From the existing sources, it is emphasized that it belonged to Prince Alexandru Sutu.

The church undergone several changes in the nineteenth century. These aimed repairs and restoration works. Between 1911 – 1913, the church was repaired and painted. Between 1950 and 1972, the painting was restored, and in 1991 were carried out works for restoration of the exterior. The latest changes in the structure of abode have been in 2004 when the exterior was replastered and painted and in 2011 as well, when were carried out repairs on both the church interior and on the exterior, while restoring the indoor painting and executing the new exterior painting. Assumption of the Virgin is a feast in memory of the day in which Virgin Mary died. It is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholics each year on 15 August. This celebration is popularly known popularly as Uspenia (Slavic term) or St. Mary. About the Assumption of the Virgin we do not have information in the Holy Gospels, but only in the tradition of the Church. According to this tradition, the Virgin had been informed by an angel about her moving from this life. The same tradition says that the Apostles, who are currently in different parts of the world were brought onto clouds to be present at this event.

By divine providence, Apostle Thomas was not present at the funeral, arriving three days later. He asked to be open her tomb for him to kiss her hands, but entering the tomb, he found it empty. This tomb was found in Jerusalem, although there are people who say that Mary had died in Ephesus, the place where she spent many years after the Ascension of the Lord. The Orthodox Church claims that Mary was born with original sin and receive forgiveness for this sin when she agreed to give birth to Christ.

The Assumption of the Virgin is the oldest festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary, although evidence about its existence we have only since the fifth century century, when the cult of the Virgin begins to develop very much, especially after the Fourth Ecumenical Council, Synod which It decided that Mary is the Mother of God, the cult of the Virgin now knowing a great development.

In the fifth century, the feast of the Assumption is safety in Syria, being mentioned in documents dating from this century. In the late sixth century, the feast is mentioned in the West also, first at St. Gregory, bishop of Tours (593 or 594), except that there The Assumption of the Virgin was celebrated on different dates from the tradition of the East, on January 18, and in some parts on January 15. It seems that the generalization of Dormition in the East is due to Byzantine Emperor Maurice (528-603), who rebuilt the Church of Our Lady from Gethsemane and who definitively fixed the date the Virgin of the celebration on August 15. In the West, the feast was generalized a bit later by Pope Theodore I (642-649), who was originally from Jerusalem, who imposed August 15 as the date to of the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin, as in the East. Only Gaul and Egyptian Copts Christians celebrate Holy Assumption to this day, by the old time, ie on 18 January.


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