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Community Center „Ivan Vazov“, BerkovitsaCod 2120

Activities: dance ensemble, cheerleading, ballet; Arts School: Music section – piano, accordion, blowing instruments, music theory and voice, Section theater – theater studio for children – 3 years; Library – 90 000 copies;

National Library “Ivan Vazov 1872” in Berkovitsa was established on May 11, 1872. Along its ancient history has developed as a central cultural institution for Berkovitsa municipality. Its activity has been developed in several directions: The work with children: School of Arts and Children’s Center “Tinker Bell”: Operates the following classes and groups: music – with classes of piano, accordion, blowing instruments, vocal and musical theory; art – with classes in ballet and modern dance; Children’s theater – Theatre Studio “Nikolay Fol” with children aged from 6 to 14 years; arts – with groups for beginners and preparation for admission to art schools; Puppet Theatre – mixed composition / children and adults / and low comedy;

  • Library activities:

The library has about 80,000 volumes of literature and serves the readers. It has introduced the automated system of library and information. It did a complete filtration of the fund, in accordance with the latest guidelines and requirements. Currently, the book fund was registered in computer. The Library organizes literary readings, exhibitions, meetings with writers. Are made written references and is prepared the bibliography. The library itself has 4 sections: The department for; children, adults, reading room and local studies; is worked up a database of books, catalogs and funds.  In the library work two librarians.

  • Amateurish creativity:

In the library there are the following compositions:

  1. The folklore ensemble “Malinarka” with over 180 dancers, musicians and singers. Perform authentic and folklore dances. They have conducted orchestras in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Egypt.
  2. Folk Choir – authentic performances and folklore.
  3. Urban old songs “Sweet Memories” – singing urban songs mainly Berkovsky. It has visited almost all the festivals in the country.
  4. Berkovska brass band – very popular in the city, community, region, country and abroad. It has released four CDs and three audio cassettes. Have been produced three films about its composition which were broadcasted on national television.
  5. The Wind Orchestra “Zdravets” – for weddings and celebrations. Participate in events related to certain important dates and events.
  6. Theater staff
  7. Children of the vocal group “Lake Shoes” – singing children aged from 6 to 12 years.
  8. Theatre Studio for Children – two productions per year.
  9. The composition of modern dance 2008 – cheerleaders and composition “Dance for Health”.

The community center is the organizer of the International Children Art Festival “Lake Shoes”, which is held annually. Are included in the program of the Ministry of Culture.

In early September it took place the folklore festival “The Balkans sing and dance.”

Together with the municipality is held annually the celebration of the Berkovitsa Balkan Festival. The Community Centre is the organizer or co-organizer of all cultural events in the city. It is met, primarily at its events were supports the schools, organizations and institutions.

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