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The “St. Archangel Michael” Monastery, BrusarskiCod 2169

Brusarski “St. Archangel Michael” is situated in the vicinity of the town of Brusartsi, on a hill on the right bank of the river Nechinska bar river, which is a tributary of the River Lom. It is located 36 kilometers northwest of the town of Montana and 23 km southeast of the town of Lom. According to information collected from stories and legends, the monastery was founded as early as Roman times. He was a local three times for various reasons. Originally he had a kind of dugout – mound built of wooden poles. Later arose on the ruins of the monastic center of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. After the fall of the Vidin kingdom all shrines in Vidin diocese were desecrated and monasteries looted and destroyed. From the little information that survived the monastery know that Brusarski monastery existed till the end of the XVII century. (Chiprovtsi Uprising) when he was robbed and destroyed by the invasion of gadzhalii and janissaries, then the monks were killed and some escaped. In 1840 good Christian and patriotic Bulgarians led by the grandfather of Stefan with. Brusartci grandfather Nayden and priest Demetrius afterward and his brother monk Hadji Agapi by with.
Medkovets again got the restoration of the monastery. Especially it helped that and the Lom leader Chorbadji Yoncho, who was a member of the Turkish medzhelis.

In 1852 the cloister is completely finished, and he was elected abbot and the church school was opened.
In 1876 after some turbulence in the monastery, was again dismissed and the monks dispersed.
After liberation the monks gathered again, but in 1880 the abbot Agapi decided to move him, in order to punish him, in the Rakovishki monastery. Therefore, the monks left the monastery and served at the parish Brusartci. In 1914 the foundation stone of new church (this day) was placed on 5/8/1934 by the Vicar of Lom, Georgi Gerasimov. From the former monastic complex is reserved the cathedral church – apse with a large dome and the bell tower, which makes a good impression with its original architecture.
The monastery church was painted during 1935-1939, by Miletiy Bojinov, originally from the village of Rosoki, Macedonia. Together with his teacher, Mircea Iliev, he painted several churches in north-western Bulgaria, including those in the Bren, Pleven, Krivodol and Lipen and churches in Romanian Country and Macedonia. According to eyewitnesses the icons were painted by an expert and prove the enormous talent of its creators. Over time, however, the monastery was abandoned again after being robbed of its icons and objects and the treasure hunters dug into the floor, looking for treasures. That was until 1989, when the monastery Brusarski came back to life once again. But not for long, nowadays the monastery is deserted, the temple was defiled and mocked, the icons were plundered, and the frescoes were exposed to bad weather and crumble. It is encouraging the fact that recently the abbot of a nearby monastery, Dobridolski – Arhimandritul Boris is concerned about the monastery. New windows were installed in the church and was installed a door, so that the temple is at least protected from malicious intentions of the infidels. The intentions of the ambitious monk are to fully revive the monastery.

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