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Community Center “Petar Bogdan”, ChiprovtsiCod 2118

Community center “Petar Bogdan” from Chiprovci was founded in 1909. Until 1984 it was called Probunda. Then it was officially renamed “Petar Bogdan” – a prominent Bulgarian historian and politician of the eighteenth century. Over the years, the library was housed in different buildings. In 1968 was built in Chiprovci a new modern building, which became The Ore House and in one of its wing is the library. Beginning with 1990 the building was Chiprovci IOC, but until 2005 was transmitted to Chiprovtsi Municipality. Created 96 years ago, the Chiprovtzi community center is the spiritual symbol of a new reality. Thoroughbred life boils in its halls. Constantly are female folk groups, with old songs, “White acacia” youth dance group and group of rituals and customs.
Under the competent leadership of artistic leaders with the hard work of the accompanist and with a part of the amateurs activity, the repertoire has improved continuously, were, also diversified the operations and were achieved high results in all examinations, singing contests, festivals, competitions and many others.
Participates in various events at local level, regional, national and international – in Montana, Vratsa, Sofia, Petrich; “Stara Planina Fest” – Veliko Tarnovo; participation in festivals in many towns and villages; participation in Koprivshtitsa, Sofia – NPC “Universiade”, the theater “Tears and laughter”; outside the country in Romania – Banat region, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia; has participated in several charity concerts.
All these events have brought many diplomas to the teams, recommendations, recordings for television and radio. It also functions the folklore circle through which are examined and stored local legends, customs, songs and traditions of the region. The investigation not only contributes to the search and storage of folklore, customs and traditions, but also to their reactivation – the winter festival citywide, with the participation of the entire population, and Epiphany, Christmas, Christmas Eve and others. Are added also habits to stop the rain and the hail and ‘Piperuga “- invoking the rain, developed and exported to an audience of amateur singers and accepted with great interest not only to the local scene, but also in many other cities. It is worked on many dialects. It is still maintained the ancient tradition of the library to celebrate, at the playing of the music band in the center for the city, for general joy. Under the direction of music teacher, in the center of the community, are hold piano lessons and singing. The library is an integral part of the community and has 25 501 volumes of literature. There are two types of possibility to rent – for adults and children, and are held various events together with the readers, anniversary celebrations of poets and writers, the music decision makers, artists and others, presenting new books on copyright. Working with children and students throughout the year. Through the project developed and protected – “Open Society” the library has enriched its fund with literature. Community center “Petar Bogdan” carried out the project “To be the same” with the project “Community”, and in 2001, at the National Fund “Culture -” We are Torlacs, we are heroes”. The successful implementation of the Folk Festival funded by the National Culture Fund, has showed then, a great interest coming from the participants, guests, media, scientists and turlacs from both sides of Stara Planina – Serbia and Bulgaria. In 2006, the community center in partnership with Chiprovtsi City Hall and the Centre for the work with children – Commune Chiprovci, make the project “Song of the mountain and the story of Ogosta” within the “Public Forum”, which includes the folkloric festival, a concert in “The Monastery” and folkloric expedition. In 2007 the library carried out two projects with the Ministry of Culture, which greatly facilitates the work of the team and the activity of the people for preserving the habits and enriching the cultural life.
The Cultural Center “Petar Bogdan” was entered in the register as non-profit association in 1997. The objective of the association is to meet citizens’ needs related to the: development and enrichment of cultural life; preservation of customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people; enlargement of people’s knowledge and their adherence to the values and achievements of science, art and culture; feeding and promoting national consciousness; creation of conditions for the development and expression of creativity of the younger generation; increasing labor culture, life and human relationships; education in spirit of democracy, patriotism and universal morality.

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