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History Museum from Chiprovtsi, ChiprovtsiCod 2116

History Museum in the city of Chiprovci was founded in 1988 and is directly related to the national celebration of the 300th anniversary since the Chiprovo revolt. The exhibition area of the main building begins with archaeological finds that cover a long chronological period – from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages. Across the five rooms of the museum exhibition are presented events and important processes for the Bulgarian history and also for the world history. The first room is dedicated to ores; there are presented separate stages of extraction and processing of ore, focusing on the new technologies brought by Saxon miners. In the second room are presented the works of Goldsmiths School from Chiprovtsi (XVI – XVII.) and their distribution on a pan-European scale. The third room presents the role of Catholicism life in Chiprovtzi in the seventeenth century. In the third room it is presented the role of the Catholic religion in the educational, diplomatic and missionary activity, the Chiprovtsi uprising and the subsequent migration movement in the Romanian Countries and Croatian today. In the fourth room are being followed up the main periods in the development of Chiprovtzi carpets, while in the fifth room is exposed the ecclesiastical painting.
Within the Katerina house it is arranged an exhibition illustrating the life and customs of the torlacs, and in the yard is planted a “living collection of plants used for painting”.

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