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Hristovtsi Waterfall, RuhovțiCod 2561

The Hristo Waterfall lies on the Miikovska River, to the south of Hristovtsi slum near the village Ruhovţi, from the mountains of Elena, 400m altitude.
This waterfall was declared a protected natural site in 1974. The Hristovtsi Waterfall is a 9-meter wave that falls and breaks in the rocks. The waterfall is reached by a particular route especially built. Around the waterfall are vast meadows that are ideal for outdoor recreation.
No doubt this is one of the routes from Balkan Mountains, that predisposes to very strong emotions. Starting at the bus station in the town of Elena and moving to the southeast it crosses th streets to the end of town. Until recently there were slums and certainly you can feel the atmosphere in which they lived and still live the people of Elena. The route continues on the lawns spacious, crossing rare forests.

Before the eyes, a lovely view reveals to the the highest mountain – top Chumerna / 1536 m and the valley of Elena. After crossing the slum Hristovtsi a small path takes you to the natural SITE – Hristovtsi Waterfall. The Miikovska River forms a syncline and waterfalls have a speed of 5 meters, gradually shifted by the rock formations. The west wall of the riverbed means steep cliffs, where with the help of experienced instructors one can descend through the alpine rappelling (coborâri pe coardă) until the river.

In the region of Hristovtsi Waterfalls, in a in a beautiful beech forest there is a barbecue, several places with benhes, where can organize: barbecue or picnic with tasting meat specialties, prepared to fire.
During the summer the event can be combined with a sunbathe along the river.
The waterfall is a protected natural site, together with the adjacent territory of 3 hectares.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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