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Gardening Museum, LyaskovetsCod 2530

Lyaskovets is located 10 km north-east to Veliko Tarnovo and 2 km by the Gorna Oryahovitsa. The Gardening Museum in Lyaskovets is the only museum in Bulgaria, which is dedicated to horticulture and gardening. The exhibition is locatd in two rooms and outside at fresh air. Inward exposure provides a wealth of materials, clothing, photographs, literature and more.

In the eighteenth century, for the first time the people of the Ottoman Empire began to deal with the production of vegetables – potatoes, tomatoes, okra, zucchini, peas, eggplant, carrots, peppers. Despite distrust and bewilderment of their compatriots, they quickly found a market for their products in Europe and and laid the foundation of vegetable production in Bulgaria. Many Many gardeners from Lyaskovets worked abroad.

The total area of the exhibition spans approximately 500 square meters. This includes two halls and an outdoor shelter. In the garden is mounted in natural size a wooden cupboard for horticultural irrigation. The inward exhibition includes numerous tangible material and documentation, flags of horticultural associations in Lyaskovets and surrounding villages, clothing and ornaments brought from abroad, currency of countries where the locals in Lyaskovets worked, photographs showing aspects of horticulture work, original themed books whose authors are lyaskoveni etc.

The exhibition focus on a plaster model with Bahche (vegetable garden), which gives the most accurate picture of the organization, equipment handling and distribution activities in a vegetable garden. In the museum you can see more than 600 original objects..

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