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Kamburov Inn, ElenaCod 2574

The Kamburov Inn was built in the middle of XIX century and named after its owner Stoyan Kambura who had taken part in Dyado Nikola rebellion in 1856, in Hadzhistavreva insurrection (1862) and has been a member of Elena`s rebellion committee. The Inn is a monument of culture with local importance.

The architecture of the Inn is expressive and simple at the same time, Renaissance Balkan architecture. Broad eaves, flint and stone work, wood boards at the second floor and the rarely used white plaster are all components of the architecture contributing to a nice effect. The architecture shows its function – Inn dating from the renaissance period with the functions of a public building.

Since 1981 the inn is a museum and a permanent ethnographic exhibition centre – agriculture and animals breeding as the main occupations of the population in the area.

Among the traditional crafts the most typical of the Renaissance period are: homespuns, pottery, copper, livestock, sericulture. A jewellery collection is also displayed. There is also a special place dedicated to the traditional folk costumes, typical rugs and belts from Elena and a special fabric made of “bark”. The city life is also displayed.

In the past the inn was located in village of Yovkovtsi, but due to construction of a dam “Yovkovtsi” he was disassembled and transported to a new location in the town of Elena – the architectural complex “Daskalolivnitsata.” Today in the inn is exposed ethnographic exhibits showing the life and the culture of local people from the end of the XIX and beginning of XX century.

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