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Church of Saint Spas, Veliko TarnovoCod 2496

Church of Saint Spas is located on the edge of Balkan Mountains, in the city of Veliko Tirnovo, the construction has started in 1859 and has ended three years later, making their origin a part of Renaissance. The upper part of the church was destroyed in the earthquake of 1913.

In 1859, Usta Kolyo Ficheto started its construction and completed it in 1862. The church is basilica with three naves, and below is a tumb with an southern entrance. Built with blocks of stone, the outside was plastered lime plaster in orange-red and stones are are joined with grout. Eastern and western facade is surrounded by the main cornice arch-shapped, which represents a double yoke by Ficheto. Also, the stone structures (semi-cellar), installed in the four facades are interesting.

Much later on the northern and southern facade were included several marble tombstones with inscriptions in Greek, taken from the old church cemetery, located in the same place. One tombstone was placed by Dr. Nikola Piccolo, taken from his parents’ graves. The top of the church was destroyed in earthquake in 1913. Later it was restored and their rooms used currently for the exhibit of icons stored in the History Museum.

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