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“St. Michael the Archangel” Church, KilifarevoCod 2589

There are two churches in Kilifarevo – ” Saint Michael the Archangel” and “St. Mary” (“The Assumption of Mary”). One of them is located in the Upper Neighbourhood – ” Saint Michael the Archangel”, which is its only parish, and the other is the church from the “Lower Neighbourhood.
” Saint Michael the Archangel” Church is older and existed more in the 2nd Bulgarian Empire. The Kilifarevo inhabitants asked permission from the Ottoman Porte and were allowed to build a church. There is a document in Sofia confirming it: “From the Danube province to the Ottoman Porte to build a new church for four neighbourhoods from Kilifarevo border” (Ruschuk 28 zi svvel 1290 temiz 1289)
Because its legend says that in 1518, when Sultan Selim I (16.12-1520) ordered that all Christian churches made of stone, even Constantinopol to be turned into mosques, the imam of the village, which was a great friend of the local priest existing an honest respect between them, regardless of their religious beliefs, told him about the secret order of the sultan. The church employee then decided to make a brave and heroic deed. In order to save the temple from desecration the Priest gathered all the religious values – the Gospeller, crosses, tabernacle, proskomidiyni accessories, clothing and more. Some liturgical objects, books and fugitives from Wallachia. At the last moment, he set the church into fire to build a church. Only in 1871 the locals of Kilifarevo build a new church, called as the old one – “St. Michael the Archangel “. Everything was saved from the ancient church and the inhabitants of the village were moved to the other church “St. Mary”.

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