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The Emen Canyon, EmenCod 2546

Emen canyon is located at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, in an area along the river Negovanka, 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo. Along the canyon we can see rapids, waterfalls, pools and niches surrounded by high cliffs up to 90 m. Emen canyon is a natural tourist site, with spectacular landcapes and stunning natural formations.

Negovanka River, a tributary of the river as Rositsa forms a picturesque gorge, known as the Canyon of Emen. Rocks over 50 meters, crowns, niches, arches, waterfalls, caves and others are a surprising sight for a flat terrain, where the river canyon is located. In 1980 the Emen Canyon was declared a preotected teritory. Stairs and bridges built on cliffs, help those who want to get acquainted with the beauty of the area. From places provided for a picnick, a magnificent view of the valley opens. At the end of the canyon we can find the ”The Girl’s Jump” Waterfall with a height of 10 meters.

Emen Canyon is an attraction for all – for lovers of trekking and mountain climbing, for cavers, fishermen and of course, for ordinary tourists seeking a quiet place to relax over the weekend. This is your place if you are looking for a refreshing pool among the rocks and vegetation, surrounded by legendary waterfall, if you like challenges and unmarked routes, if you want to feel a deeper connection with nature.

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