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The Elephant Tree, BagalevtsiCod 2559

Bagalevtsi village (Bagalyuvtsi) is located approximately 5 km north of the village of Todyuvtsi. It is located on the sides of the river Veselina in a scenic area.

Bagalevtsi is an ancient settlement. Here in the years of Ottoman rule, lived the priest Marco, author of the famous “Chronicles of Elena”.” He also was a priest in the church of “St. Nicholas” in Elena town. During the robbery attack in 1800, he saved together with piest the church’s items – the antimins (table cloth covering the altar for rituals) and the cup (cup for Communion) and fled with them in Bagalevtsi.

In the vicinity of the village Bagalevtsi lies a big old tree, called by the local population the “Elephant” Tree.
The “Elephant” Tree is 1300 years and is a summer oak. Its height is of 23 meters, and its circumference – of 7.5 m. The oak tree is already dry from 2010 – has no branches, stem only. Luckily, he left healthy offspring, which can be seen on the slopes nearby.

To preserve this creeping forest for future generations, the surrounding 13 hectares were declared protected area.

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