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International Tourism Regatta on the Danube River, VidinCod 2622

The international tourism regatta on the River Danube, TID (German: Tour International Danubian, TID) is an expedition canoe (also called regatta) on the Danube, the longest of its kind in the world. It is held annually since 1956 until today. It is organized by members of the Organization, which operates under the aegis of canoe associations of the participating countries. The campaign represents a hike of 2.5 months with a lot of luggage.
The route always begins (since 1969), in late June from Ingolstadt, Germany. Is going through other organizing countries – Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, and after 2516 km it ends in mid-September in St. George (Romania), on the Black Sea. For several years, was flown in separate steps also the Upper Danube – from Donaueschingen at Ingolstadt.
From the 54th edition “TID 2009” Romania formally joined the organization TID, and in 2012 the same brand of Croatia. The number of participants varies from year to year and at different stages, but always is a three-digit number. The purpose of the event, because the march is a mutual understanding, is the acceptance of life and culture from other countries, irrespective of political differences, philosophical, religious or ethnic existent. This should encourage in particular the grooming and to strengthen the solidarity among water sports enthusiasts and between people of different countries along the Danube.
The highest organism, the Conference TID, establishes the timing, terms and conditions, necessary measures, as has been discussed and gives the suggestions for changes in the basic rules of conduct. In addition, the conference participants decided also the presentation of awards TID.
The official language of TID is German (letters, correspondence, minutes, etc.). Cash contributions varies from one country to another, being a symbolic contribution to support the organizations that participate [own initiative}. Each Member State has also volunteer collaborators.
Participants may, after prior notification to start the race earlier and to complete each planned camping. Anyone can freely plan and schedule daily stages. Must be made daily routes between 20 and 60 km under all weather conditions (heat, rain, storm). In the case of health problems, it is recommended the resignation from participation. High quality necessary equipments are a basic requirement for the participation in the regatta.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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