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Museum Exhibition, VarshetsCod 2112

Vrsac is located at the foothills of the Western Balkans, 90 km from Sofia, 35 km north of Montana and 130 km south of Vidin. Vrsac is the oldest spa resort in Bulgaria. The city emerged around a mineral spring, the oldest preserved written evidence of its existence dating from the late sixth century AD, in the Byzantine chronicles. There it is mentioned by name Medek (Medicus – medicinal) – the only village by this name in the Roman Empire.
History Museum in the city of Varshetz was founded in 1999. The building that houses it was built in the 30’s, the XX century, as a private home with unique architecture. The museum has four sections: “antiquity”, “archaeological finds and collections of coins”, “Wellness” and “Ethnography”.
The findings, which are established as ancient, are Thracian and are from Roman times. Also, is disclosed the rich ethnographic collection, which consists mostly of clothing and household of people from the region. The recent history of the resort Varshets presents a rich documentary collection and numerous archival photographs. The most valuable exhibit in the museum is a unique bronze sculpture of the second century BC. of the Thracian god-boy, Telesphorus, who today is a symbol of the city.

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