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Museum House Tsar Liberator II, PlevenCod 2218

The house of Ivan Vatsov – a tradesman from Pleven, was built on the eve of the Russo-Turkish war 1877-1878. With its rich furniture it is a typical house of the Bulgarian national revival. On 11th December 1877 the Russian emperor Alexander II was given a warm welcome in that house and he was given a letter of grateful acknowledgement on behalf of the citizens of Pleven. Here in the presence of Grand duke Nickolay Nickolaevich, the Romanian Prince Karol I, the Russian minister of war Milljutin and other eminent Russian generals, the taken captive Turkish marshal Osman Pasha.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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