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Museum of Natural Sciences, CraiovaCod 1353

Inaugurated on December 2nd 1923, with the name Craiova Museum of Natural Sciences, by the members of The Scientific circle in Craiova, lead by natural sciences professor Marin Demetrescu, it became a section of the Oltenia Regional museum in 1928.

On May 13th 1928, it was decided that the Craiova Museum of Natural Sciences, which in 1927 also received the collections of the Museum of Ethnography and Antiques from Dolj County, “expand the exploration area of the land in Oltenia” (Vincenz, 1928) and to function with the name Oltenia Regional museum, managed by professor Marin Demetrescu.

The National sciences section originally functioned in the prefect’s office building; between 1934 and 1948 it moved to the current premises of the Ethnography section and between 1949 and 1975 it functioned in the current premises of the Archeology-History section.

During this time, the patrimony of the National sciences section was open to the public under different forms of exposure until 1963, when the main exhibition was established, set up on the ground floor of the Madona Dudu str., no. 44 building, carried out based on a thematic project created by professor dr. Ioan Firu. This exhibit was cancelled in 1975 in order to expand the mail exhibit of the History-Archeology section.

Between 1975 and 1986, lacking a proper space, the exhibit activity of the National sciences section seized, continuing the completion and diversifying work, the evidence and scientific appreciation of the patrimony.

The new exhibit campaign started on March 13th 1986, on the ground floor of the building on Popa Sapca str., no.8 where it is presently functioning, when two temporary exhibits were open: “Butterflies – floating petals” and “Of the animal world”. The two exhibits were periodically followed by dozens of temporary exhibits who have shown the valuable patrimony, enriched and diversified over the years with museum pieces resulting from the museographers’ research activity.

There have been at least four temporary exhibits at the section premises annually, some of them being scheduled out to other museums in the country (Drobeta Turnu Severin, Timişoara, Târgu Mureş, Brăila, Curtea de Argeş, Suceava, Bacău, Bârlad, Bistriţa Năsăud etc).

On September 18th 2008, the main exhibit on the first floor was shown, set up following the implementation of the project “Increasing the tourist attraction of the city of Craiova and of Dolj County by setting up the main exhibit on the first floor – Craiova- Oltenia Museum of Natural Sciences”, created on December 16th 2002, as part of the PHARE 2001 Economic and Social Cohesion – Nonrefundable financing scheme for small infrastructure projects, by Dolj Local council, in a partnership with the Oltenia Museum – National sciences section (photo 1-3).

On February 22nd the main paleontology exhibit “Oltenia – Terra fossilis” was introduced on the exhibits’ circuit, set up on the ground floor of the building on Popa Sapca, no 8 street.


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