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Petroglyphs in Belogradchik, BelogradchikCod 2650

Basically rock shrines are built on a high rock platforms.
At the site were cut and some very subtle and complex images. One represents the eight-pointed structure, consisting of two concentric circles. On the periphery, they are surrounded by small holes in the rock. On the left side there are twenty-four holes on the part of the great circle. Inside are carved four rounds of various sizes, with about the largest depicts orbit. It is the third in a row and complies with Earth orbiting the Moon. Others refering to Mars, Venus and Mercury are represented with appropriate sizes so that they comply with astronomical reality. They are arranged in the correct order of distance from the sun.
Each of them is opposite to the points of the periphery. This Mercury is situated opposite the third point of Venera- against eighth to fifteenth of Earth and twentyfourth of Mars. If we multiply the serial number of the item by the number twenty-seven, we get exactly the time for which each of the planets makes a tour around the sun.

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