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Royal Casino, VarshetsCod 2123

The first casino in Bulgaria was built in this Balkan city. Its creation began in 1920, but has slowed down because of the war in Bulgaria, while in the northwest broke out the revolt on September 1923. The official opening of the casino was in 1924, but there is evidence that since 1922 has welcomed its lovers of gambling. The city has valuable mineral springs – water gushing from several places with a temperature of 37 degrees. It is clear, alkaline and with low mineral content. It contains aluminum, iron, barium, lithium, manganese phosphate. It is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal and others. At the beginning of the twentieth century was opened the first bath and after a few years – the second one. This attracts many people seeking health and this makes Varshetz be the first resort in the country – since 1860. Later was made a second public bath in Bankya. It is a smaller version of the casino on Baden, which is 25 km from Vienna. At the begining of the settlement of the casino, here was a rotonda from which people drank water. Tourists passing here dank from the warm waters and listened the orchestra in Sofia. A frequent guest of the casino was Prince Cyril – brother of Tsar Boris III, and perhaps that is why it was named Casino Royal. In the ’30s, it is enriched with confectionery products and a restaurant with live music. When they saw the prince, the young boys came to the casino – his presence always guaranteed the party. In addition to the thrill of betting in the game lobby, Prince Cyril was also a ladies conqueror. It is said that occasionally he molested the girls without blue blood. He was an avid card player. In the morning he would retire to his villa where he would spend a night of love. Gossips say he had fleeting intimate relationships with charming girls. The prince was loved by the people of Vrsac. After his death, on the facade of his favorite casino, someone descended a black flag. At the age of 50, on September 9th,1944,Cyril Preslavski, was declared enemy of the people. The death penalty was carried out in Sofia cemetery on the night of January to February 2, 1945.
The idea to build the first overall spa with casino was of Dr. Damian Ivanov and his wife Wilhelmina, which locals called Mina. She was an aristocrat, the daughter of viennese Visokometski Ludwig, first adviser of the Archduke Ferdinand. It is believed that she gave valuable advice for a professional design of gardens – also today the park is well kept. At the beginning of last century, many tourists came in Vrsac. In 1905, when was done the excavation of the bath, was opened the antique bath with tiles, hexagonal lead pipes, coins thrown by Roman, with the inscription about the healing power of water from Varshtets.
There are medical instruments and pharmaceuticals. This demonstrates that nearby – in Montana or Montanensium has, also spent the summer, the Legion of Claudius and was treated exactly in Medek, which is the old name of Vrsac. Varshetz was also the favorite vacation place for the elite of Bulgaria in the 30s. Here they were greeted with raspberry jam and mineral water and were placed in artdeko style cottages.

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