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Saint Nicholas Church, BogataCod 1238

As for the year of the construction of the church under the titular saint of Saint Nicholas from the Bogata congregation is concerned, it differs from a document to another, according to the studied source. The inventory of the Diocese of Hungarian – Wallachia from the year of 1810, stipulates about the village Bogate together with the village Streini Gălățui: The church was made from wood and was burnt by the Turks, with the titular saint of Forty Martyrs Gheorghie on the estate of the monastery Antim with the lacking clothes and with the lacking books, only has one church book next year. In the year book of the Church’ Home from the year 1909 it is stipulated the fact that the church located from the village Bogate is made of walls, it was built starting with 1820 – 1826, it was repaired in 1886 and it is provided as temporary protos.

The Bogata congregation was founded by the separation from the Rasa congregation, based on the order 4710 from the 18th of December 1928 of the Diocese of Constanța, with the obligation that the villagers to offer support to their church and to their priest (extra-budget congregation).

The halidom has the configuration of an elongated ship with the length of 19 m and the width of 7 m. The basement is made of stone, the walls from brick and it is covered with galvanized plates. It holds the only tower on the narthex with a big steel cross. The threshold has a square shape with an opening in two doors. The narthex has a rectangular shape, covered with a spherical crown with pendants, over which it is raised the only existing tower, supported by two brick columns. The nave has a rectangular shape covered by a spherical crown with pendants. The altar is semi-circular, covered by a crown with pendants.

From the monographic information we find out the fact that the church’s iconostasis has an artistic and historical value, being built from wood, with the picture chosen and brought from Curtea de Argeș. The rood screen keeps the original painting, having an inscription on the icon of the titular saint, in which it is depicted the year 1855.

The church tower was built in the year 1940, from a wooden structured, covered by plate, currently having steel columns instead of the wooden ones and sheltering the church’s bell. Throughout the times it was lived by the curacy.

The congregation develops the following activities: monthly, the needy families from the congregation receive assistance consisting of food, clothes and drugs. In the congregation there is constantly developed the program Christ revealed to the children. The congregation has a Congregation library.

The Saint Nicholas church from Bogata was registered on the list of historical monuments, certified in the year 2004 by the National Monuments, Ensembles and Historical Sites Commission.


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