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Saint Nicholas Church, CernețiCod 1423

As the population in Cerneți grew, there was a need for more worship houses. Thus in 1794 the Saint Nicholas church was completed, begun as per its inscription, along while back.

This is the inscription:

„This holy and godly church dedicated to Saint Nicholas and Saint Spiridon was built from the ground up by Radu Pleșoianu and no longer having the possibilities  to work on the church it remained deserted and from the windows up great logothete Ioan Golgoveanu urged them to build and decorate as we see it in the times of king Alexandru Constantin Moruzi, with the blessing of his holiness Kiru Nectarie Bishop of Ramnic and was done September 30th of 1794; Painter being Gheorghe.” Saint Nicholas Church is is a great church with a verandah supported by strong pillars. It is surrounded by a thick wall similar to the Holy trinity schurch.

There were theree Pleşoianu families of landowners in Wallachia: one in Romanaţi county, with one side moved to Mehedinţi – from whom scholar Grigore Pleşoianu came, the ancestor of Dan V. Pleshoyano, another family in Dolj county who changed their name to Solomon, from whom colonel Ioan Solomon came and a third family coming from Vâlcea. It seems that there are other Pleşoianu ties: one from whom Monicăi Lovinescu’s maternal grandmother came, Ecaterinei Bălăcioiu’s mother; another from Buzău county with origins in Pleşcoi village and which for sound reasons changed its name from „Pleşcoianu” in „Pleşoianu” and probably others.

Cerneți is a town in Mehedinți county, Oltenia. Before the town of Severin was founded, Cerneți was for many centuries the center of the Mehedinți county, having shops with merchants and Mehedinți landowners’ houses (Glogovenii, Miculeștii, Tudor Vladimirescu etc.). Afterwards Cerneți quickly fell, as such when N. Iorga visited the location, the former town was reduced to a settlement with „short houses”.

Among the local personalities we have Dimitrie Grecescu (1841 – 1910), botanist, doctor, tenured member of the Romanian Academy and Ioan G. Bibicescu (1949 – 1924), publicist, politician, economist, governor of the Romanian National bank.

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