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The Argeșanu Mansion, Piatra OltCod 1701

Argeşanu mansion was built in the late nineteenth century, being subsequently included in the list of historical monuments of Olt County.
Gheorghe Argeşanu (born 28 February 1883 Caracal – died on 26/27 November 1940, Jilava) was a romanian general and statesman. A participant soldier in World War I, General Argeşanu held important command positions in the following military units: the 2nd Regiment Calarasi-Caracal, elite unit, the 1st Cavalry Division Arad, 3rd Cavalry Division, Division 11th Infantry, Division of the Guard and Corps Second Army.
Regarding public offices he was, during the period 30 March to 14 October 1938 Minister of National Defence in the second Government of Patriarch Miron Cristea and between 21 to 28 September 1939 was Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Apparently it was in a deaf conflict with General, future Marshal Ion Antonescu, conflict unrecognized by any of them. The dispute between the two elite cavalry officers was generated by the winning, in the first instance, of examination for the rank of general, by the Colonel, then, Ion Antonescu, and it continued until the arrest of General Argeşanu. Another reason of the dispute was the position, totally different from Carol II of these two: Argeşanu being favorite – had accompanied this one in his youth, in the journey around the world, and Antonescu, was in disgraced for the pride with which he treated the king. Gheorghe Argeşanu was appointed prime minister by Charles the Second after the assassination, by legionnaires led by Horia Sima, of former chief of the Government, Armand Călinescu. Installed in the position, General Argeşanu, devoted to Charles II imposed a series of bloody measures against legionnaires, such as:
– execution and exposure to crime scene of Armand Călinescu’s assassins;
– Execution without trial of 3 Legionnaires randomly chosen from each county of the country and exposing them in public squares.
Sources say that immediately after the new appointment as interior minister by Charles the Second, and the hearing about the news of his decision to execute every three legionaries from each county, the king ordered a halt to executions, saving several lives. Beyond the controversies, Gen. Gheorghe Argeşanu, was an officer of value, which, unfortunately, not by his will, failed to give the skill and sacrifice in the conflict which entered Romania in 1941. His mandate, remained in history for the numerous crimes committed within a very short period of time, has ended after 7 days being replaced by Constantin Argetoianu’s government.
During the National Legionary State (September 1940 – January 1941), Gheorghe Argeşanu was imprisoned along with other former dignitaries of the Carol II regime, at Jilava prison. On the night of 26/27 November 1940, 64 former officials and magistrates who took violent action against the Legionary Movement, including General Argeşanu, were assassinated by a group of Legionnaires.

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