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The Armenian church, Ruse cityCod 2372

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the number of Armenians in the city of Ruse has increased significantly, due to the fact that the local residents have joined many refugees exiled from the land of former Armenians west by fresh government Turkish, who committed first century genocide – genocide of the Armenian people. Community life since then was concentrated around a headquarters called until today “Armenian slum” in which boundaries are and Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. Built from the distant year 1610, it is the oldest Armenian church in Bulgaria.
Initially, it was a modest wooden building and the back of his court – the Armenian cemetery, which until today remained grave slabs with inscriptions old. Later patron was hit by a fire in 1832 ACST was fully restored in the form that was preserved until today. Since hramuşl was built during the Turkish rule, it was half buried in pămâny under the law since the Ottoman Empire. Cautious were dug three tunluri that lead outside the city in the event of a Turkish invasion. Serving two of them have been preserved until today.
Armenian church in Russian called “Surp Astvadzadzin” (Divine Mother). It is unique with its 3 aisles of the relief the central altar. Teresa, located in the middle, called the dedication, and the two parts of it were built two small altars. On the left, St. Stephen, and, right, St. Gregory the Illuminator. According to the canons, the church has its food warehouse, where they are and baptiserul – the Potez font. In the food storage is still another smaller altar, called the local Armenians – “Little Mother”. According to laymen, it has an extraordinary miraculous power. In the churchyard is the monument to victims of genocide, before which, on 24 April is a memorial service for the innocent victims of the recent past.

Armenian church across the road, years ago, was raised and Armenian school that bore the name “Mesrob Mashtots Surp” – creator of the Armenian alphabet. School was closed by the communist government in the years of totalitarianism.
One of the biggest donors of the community was Kuyumdzhyan family. Its Armenian minority in the city you owe Culture House “Ervan,” which, until today, raise their children on several occasions. Thanks Kuyumdzhyan family donated properties, maintaining and patron.
Today the Armenian Church – cultural monument, is tolerant of all faiths and opened doors for those who wish to approach and know the infinite purity and beauty.

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