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The Building of Secondary School No. 5, AlexandriaCod 1516

In 1836, the merchants settled on the Băcăianca estate, the founders of today’s town, founded the first school. The institution had the name of the teacher who taught here: father Tudorache. „Tudorache’s school” was the first school in Alexandria, who was the basis of the secondary and then high school who will get, a few years later, the name of the founder of Alexandria, king Alexandru Ghica.

Secondary school no. 5 Alexandria, one of the few historical monuments in Alexandria was built in 1985. 180 years have gone by over the city center location, but it remained stading. In the building on Libertăţii street where students grades 1 through 8 the elementary school for boys no.1 initially functioned. A few years after the opening, the institution became a mixted school, gathering under the same roof the girls as well as the boys in town. For a few years here is where the School for girls no.1 and the School for boys no.1 functioned. The education institution was named the “Mihai Bravu” school. Here is where the children of wealthy people in town went. The building that has a special charm even today has always been a beautiful location. Structured with a ground floor and first floor with architectural elements of well determined proportions, the school has arches on the doors and windows. When it was working as a mixted school, the building had two functional entrances from Carol street, Libertăţii street today. On the door on the left side of the building boys entered and one the right the girls. Today, only the teachers’ entrance has been kept on this side of the building. Inside the building, the school had a separating wall next to the arcade in the middle of the ground floor hall.

Dozens of generations of students have crossed the school’s threshold. The building remained unchanged until 1997 when it was badly affected by the earthquake. The authorities at the time decided to demolish it, but the school management was opposed. The principal of the unit at the time, Florea Fişteică fought the demolition decision explaining that the school is a monument that belongs among the new buildings they had started to build. The school was consolidated and continued its activity, its threshold being crossed by other hundreds students. The earthquake of May 1990 affected the school resistence and it became non operational for two years. Between 1991 and 1993 the school went through a great consolidation process where they used railroad beams to add resistence to the building.

For Alexandria, secondary school no.5, that lasted 180 years and trained hundreds of generations of students, remains a symbol and one of the few historical monument buildings that lasted.


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