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The City Hall from VedeaCod 1064

Among the oldest buildings from the village we mention the building called “Mansion”. It is over 100 years old.

Here, in 1878, on the way to Bucharest there was accommodated for a night Osman Pașa, taken as prisoner by the Romanian army. The room in which the Turkish general slept bears the name of the “Chamber of the Turk”.

The mansion Dr. apostle Arsache was built up in the year 1820 after buying the property Paraipani. Behind the palace there is found a real botanical garden, which comprised rare species of plants. In the middle of it there are found 2 artesian wells made of massive limestone and many more statues.

The name of Arsache is strongly connected with the double election of the prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza because he proposed the double election in both the countries and, therefore, there wasn’t breached any article from the Convention. He built in Vedea a new city hall, a new school, construction which are used until present.

Osman Pașa was the leader of the Ottoman army who attacked Plevna during the Russian – Turkish war of 1877 – 1878. After the Russian army went across the Danube to Sviștov, it started to advance towards the center of today’s Bulgaria, with the purpose of passing the Balkan Mountains towards Constantinople, avoiding the fortified Turkish citadels from the border of the Black Sea. The Ottoman army, which came back from Serbia after a conflict with this country, was aggregated in the fortified city Plevna, strengthened city and surrounded by many redoubts, situated at an important intersection of roads.

After two unsuccessful assaults, in which it had lost important man power, the commander of the Russian troops from the Balkan front, the great Duke Nicolai, insistently demanded (by the telegram of the 19th of July the help of his Romanian allay Carol I. Carol also passed the Danube with a Romanian army and was put at the command of the Russian – Romanian troops. He decided not to make any kind of assault, but to besiege the city, cutting the paths of provisioning with food and munitions. The Russian – Romanian army succeeded at the beginning of the assault to conquer more redoubts from around Plevna, keeping on the long term only the redoubt Grivița. The assault started in July 1877 ended only in the month December of the same year when Osman Pașa started without any success to force the breaking of the siege and he was injured. Eventually, take refuge in a mill, Osman received the delegation commanded by the colonel Mihail Cerchez and accepted the surrender conditions offered by him.

Following the battle, the Russian armies were able to advance and attacked in force the pitch Șipka, succeeding to defeat the Ottoman defensive and to open his way towards Constantinople.

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