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Comana Airfield, ComanaCod 1014

Average land category, hard plasticity, depth of frost 0.9-1 m, first groundwater 12 m, macro-seismic area F.

Airspace class  (C/CTR , G, LRR/D): G

Runway orientation: 24/6

Runway inclination: 17 grade NV-SE

Dominant winds: East direction (21,2%), West direction (16,3%)

Runway quota center: 49 masl

Runway length (distance between thresholds): 517 m

The useful width: 40 m

Significant obstacles on the slope 300 m from the threshold of 240 degree, trees + cables about 25 m.

Runway nature surface: grass

TWR radio frequency: 123.45 MHz


Services offered:

– Flight classes to obtain license for ultra light aircrafts: airplanes para-motors, moto-deltaplane

– Skydiving

– Aircraft rental for commercial and recreational flights

– Aircraft rental for advertising campaigns

– Workshops based on communication, networking and personal development, combined with outstanding sports activities: flying, riding, airsoft.

– Tourist orientation courses, first aid and environmental protection.

– Entertainment on snow: kite skiing, sleigh with horses, team games.

Here is organized the International Festival for Extreme Sports Flight in Giurgiu every year.

Most attending each edition pilots are from Romania and Bulgaria but also pilots from Italy, Hungary, Turkey are coming etc.

The festival brings together both producers and distributors of sports equipment. The festival is open to the public and aims to promote outdoor sports and activities to all groups of age.

The festival offers everyone the opportunity to participate in a initiation program  in  piloting technique, which is supported by  pilot trainers.

Accommodation of participants is provided free of charge, in the camping area or they can opt for accommodation in the nearby accommodation units.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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