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The Clock Tower in Berkovitsa, BerkovitsaCod 2104

It is the most distinctive architectural monument. It is located in the city center and is the symbol and emblem of the city. It was built in 1762-1764 And today still measure time with his ring made of copper.
Clock Tower Berkovitsa is located in the city center at one end of Radichkov. It was built between 1762-1764. It is one of the oldest clock towers in Bulgaria. The tower is 21.24 meters high. It is arranged with architectural lines straight, square body of 11.80 m, built of stone blocks from the nearby village Gints, which are stuck with mortar. The connection and reinforcement has 9 horizontal wooden casements, and for inside illumination to the left are four narrow vertical slits (for ventilation) on one of the walls. A narrow wooden staircase leads to the second octagonal part of the tower, made of a wooden frame covered with shingles.
Inside are mounted the bell and the clock mechanism, which was handcrafted by Bessarabian Bulgarians in Bucharest and was brought in 1764. The tower is covered with straw, covered with metal sheets. Upper authorities have placed the metal emblem – and crescent moon flag. Upon it on 4 December, 1877 a Russian soldier attached a bronze cross, an expression of victory over Turkey.
Berkovitz clock tower was declared a cultural monument.

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