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The Dolphinarium, ConstanțaCod 1123

THE DOLPHINARIUM is among the most visited tourist attractions in Constanta both in the in the summer and in the extra season. Along Planetarium, Astronomical Observatory and  Micro-Reservation, the Dolphinarium is the beautiful and exciting part of the Natural Science Museum Complex Constanta.

Dolphinarium was opened on June 1, 1972, representing at that time the first museum of its kind in Romania and South-Eastern Europe.

Constanta Dolphinarium has hosted in its basins all kind os dolphin species from the Black Sea. The first were the porpoises (Phocoena phocoena relicta L.1758) and common dolphins  (Delphinus delphis ponticus L.1758), and nearly 20 years ago were also brought the bottlenose dolphins or big dolphins as this species Tursiops truncatus ponticus (Montagu, 1821) is called, of which Mark is also a part, the veteran and current Dolphin star.

Currently, the Aquarium remains the only location in the country where you can relax watching a great show, whose protagonists are the dolphins, sea lions and penguins. Dolphin stars in Constanta are Peipei, Chen Cheng and Ni-Ni (one male and two females), three dolphins brought from China in 2010.  The stars with fins performs glamorous tricks  every day after a specified timetable, snatching smiles and applause from the spectators present.

The Dolphinarium was renovated in 2016. The Dolphins Ni Ni and Chen Chen are doing the show now in a more modern and larger pool, which can receive over 300 de guests.

In the future there may appear two more dolphins and 20 penguins.

The new dolphinarium from Constanta is one of the most modern in Europe. The number of seats for spectators doubled, so the basin area, which now offers an environment closer to the natural one.

The old dolphinarium ,  physically and morally outdated, would enter into renovation. It’ll be the home for seals and penguins, which will be brought from England.


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