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The Ensemble of the Courts of the Aristocrats Dudescu, FundeniCod 1283

The court from Frunzănești is the result of two stages of construction: in the first, which is situated most likely in the years 1714 – 1715, when Radu III Dudescu starts the edification of the church, but once it was realized the building, the works start for after a short period of time after the relegation of Ștefan Cantacuzino, on the 28th of April 1716, Radu Dudescu was lifted and sent together with Mihai – the Sword Bearer Cantacuzino, at Adrianopol, where the two aristocrats were struggled from the order of the Grand Vizier on the date of the 9th of June 1716. The fortunes of Cantacuzino and of the Dudești were sold at bidding or passed in the care of the reign, and the family Dudescu passed in Ardeal. Soon, as the historians say, afer the peace of Passarowitz of 1718, the Dudești recover their fortunes, by the goodwill of the prince Nicolae Mavrocordat, who also marries in 1722 Constantin Dudescu with Maria, the daughter of Antioh Voda Cantemir. The career of honors is now opened for him – in the period 1730 – 1763 was almost permanently in the divan of the country – and together with it the possibility of taking back and of closing a bright way the works started by his father. The second stage which is also recorded by the original inscription, situated in the porch above the entrance door in the narthex, which ends in the year 1732. At the end of the XIXth century, the property of the Dudești gets in the hands of Nicolae Amira who effectively lived here and repaired the church in the year 1889, as it is shown by the inscription dug in stone, situated above the original inscription: Reconditioned in the glory of the Lord in the year 1889 by the husbands Nicolae and Cleopatra Amira, the owners of the property Frunzinesci.

The style is specific to that era in which the church architecture from Wallachia gets to the materialization of some superior plastic scheme, well fixed in the decorative composition, as well as in the conception of the space structure. It is exemplified by the following characteristics: the trilobated plan, the open porch, the church bell tower over the narthex, the decoration of the facades with arched cornices disposed on two registers. These are the original data, today the roof being without towers because of the fact that the consolidation works were started in the year 2000, works which started and ended quickly, and not existing finality.

The covering of the space is executed of bolts in the shape of a spherical calotte, supported by arches and pendants in the porch, narthex and nave. The apses are covered with spherical semi-calottes, and the extension of the nave with cylindrical bolts. The exterior decoration consists of covering the profiles of the arches and of the panels, which give a vibration to the grand plans of the facades. Divided in two by a vigorous belt of semicircular simple profile, the façade receives in the superior register a sequence of round molding arches, drawn after a rigorous ordinate grating, which are correspondent in the inferior register to the rectangular panels of the same profile, in which there are found the windows. In the inferior part, a profile takes a lot outside the plan of the façade a powerful basement, and under the overhand the composition also ends with a powerful profiled cornice.

The voids from the windows are framed with stone frames, sculpted from a profile of Gothic inspiration, superposed by a cornice decorated with floral elements in a Brâncovenesc style. A decorative element extremely precious is constituted by the entrance portal, sculpted in stone, composes of two pillars which support a stern with heraldic figures, over which it is situated the inscription, all the composition being crowned by a richly sculpted cornice in vegetal motives combines with craftsmanship.


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