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The Ilarion Makariopolski House-Museum, ElenaCod 2551

The Ilarion Makariopolski House-Museum is one of the most interesting houese in the city, with great historical and architectural value, representing the rich type of Elena house, in plank. The house is restored and you can see the furniture in its entirety and the items belonging to Ilarion Makariopolski. It is a cultural monument of national importance. In it were born fighter for church independence Ilarion Makariopolski his brother Nikola Mihaylovski – prominent literary and educational activist and his son, the satirical poet Stoyan Mihaylovski. In one of the rooms in 1863 it is put the basis of the culture house “Progress”.

In addition, the historical house has a high architectural value. It represents the type of wooden housing rich in Elena town. It was built around 1710-1715 from stone and wood in three successive stages of development that does not distort the uniqueness of the building. The building is a combination of two materials – stone and wood as the predominant material. The building has two floors, with an open volume and picturesque aspect – eaves, balconies, window lattice.

On the ground floor, there are cellars, warehouses, stables and a living room. Two separate staircases lead upstairs – one closed, on the west side and one open – in the east of the house. Half of the porch is occupied by a suspended bed. On it in the summer days, the rich family was resting.

In the eastern part of the courtyard of this house lies the Fountain of Hadzhi Hristov. Previously, it was located on the main street opposite the house of the writer Petko Todorov Yiurdanov, but from the regulation of street had to be moved. It was built in 1754 by Kara Ioan in Arbanasi, the Makariopolski uncle. It was rebuilt in 1813 by Hadzhi Stoyan Mihalyov the father of Makariopolski.

In its current form it was repaired in 1873 by Hadzhi Hristo, the Ilarion’s Makariopolski brother. From there it bears the name of Hadzhi Hristov Fountain. Near it lies a monument-bust of Makariopolski.
There are four exhibitions in the house-museum: ” Renaissance culture”; “Petko Todorov – life and work”; “Portrait Painting of artists in Elena” and ” Christian art in 15-19 century”.

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