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The Monument of the Heroes, GiurgiuCod 1055

The ensemble comprises a series of monuments which have been dedicated to all the heroes who lost their lives in the fights which took place on the territory of the Romanian country.

Initially there have been built up two monuments at the initiative of the inhabitants in the year 1905 in the memory of the heroes who fell in the War of Independence of 1877 – 1878.

Later on there were added the monuments of the heroes who fell in the Two World Wars. In the year 2013, they were redone and re-modernized.

Within the ensemble there was also built up a cross in the memory of the captain hero Daia Marin, who was born in 1919 in the village Malu, the county of Giurgiu and he died in the commune Blăjel, during the fights which the Romanian army fought in the automn of the year 1944 in the area of Sibiu.

The future officer attended the primary school in the native viilage between the years 1926 and 1930 and he became a sub-lieutenant at the Regiment 6 Heavy Artilery. On the 5th of September 1944, the Regiment 6 receives the mission of intervening and of stopping the invasion of the German – Hungarian troops, who broke into our national territory and advanced 30 km. over the demarking Romanian – Hungarian line, imposed by Romania through the Dictate from Vienne. Under these circumstances, the young officer, who offered himself as a volunteer at the command of the department which was about to change position, lost his life because of the violent bombing of the enemy aviation.

The sacrifice of the captain (p.m.) Daia Marin was registered in the effort which the Romanian army took in the autumn of the year 1944 in order to free the Northern Ardeal and which was finalized with the military operations developed on the days of the 24th and of the 25th of October in the area of Satu Mare – Carei. The breaking point of the battle for the Northern Ardeal was represented by the battle from Oarba de Mureș from the county Mureș in which died over 11000 Romanian heroes, moment which the history records to be one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War and in the context of which the hero also lost his life, whom the National Office for the Cult of the Heroes will propose for the month of November.

In the war for independence, the Romanians lost 4.302 deceased and disappeared, 3.316 injured and 19.904 sick people.

The loses suffered by the Romanian army during the First World War were very big: over 500.000 soldiers.

The loses of Romania from the Second World War – over 800 thousand people, civilians, as well as militaries, although the statistics give different numbers. Most of the loses took place after the 22nd of June 1941, when the Nazi Germany invaded URSS.

The Romanian military loses were of approximately 300.000 people.


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