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The Museum of Ethnography, StejaruCod 1553

Ethnography is a science that classifies people of the world, it studies their composition, origin and spread, monitors the development in their material and spiritual culture, the morals and particularities of their way of life, their cultural and historical mutual ties etc. It is used in anthropology and some branches of sociology.

The Ethnography Museum in Stejaru was inaugurated in 1982.

The collection exhibits throughout 4 rooms archeological pieces and coins, documents and pieces of memorial history (local), parts of ethnography (traditional costumes, interior pieces, household utensils and household tools).

Stejaru is a commune in Muntenia, made up of villages Bratcovu, Gresia, Socetu and Stejaru (residence).

According to the census conducted in 2011, the population of Stejaru stands at 1,968 people, down from the previous census in 2002, when had registered 2.318 inhabitants. Most inhabitants are Romanian (94.66%). For 5.34% of the population, ethnicity is not known. In terms of religious, most people are Orthodox (93.45%). For 5.34% of the population is not known confessional belonging.

Specific activities of the area aim to:

– local public administration;

– agriculture – cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rye), prasina plants (corn, sunflower), vines, vegetables, livestock breeding (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and beehives);

– forestry.

The main economic activities:

– Milling and baking;

– trade;

– providing services;

– plant growing.

Other landmarks of common concern:

– Four Orthodox churches;

– Archaeological site in the village of Gresia;

– Forest Dideşti-Neaga;

– the hunting fund and fishing basins.


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