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The Palace Hotel, CraiovaCod 1334

The construction where it functions the secondary headquarters of the City Hall of Craiova, from the street “Al. I. Cuza” no. 1, dates back to the period 1900 – 1905 and it is on the list of historical monuments.

According to the archive information, the building was conceived from the very beginning to have two destinations.

Here there should have operated a hotel, but also a head office of a bank.

In order to fulfill the first utility, the Palace Hotel was conceived in a manner specific for the majority of the hotel from the beginning of the XXth century from Bucharest.

As in the capital, the hotel was situated on the corner, with two principal facades and entries in the apartments situated on the corner of the building.

The double utility of the building is seen in the interior. The architects talk about a special utility of “building in building” which is noticed from the moment you enter in the immobile. The ground floor and the first floor have been set up with a big interior lobby and many windows, in order to serve as a head office of a bank.

At the second, third floor and at the upper story there are situated the apartments in which there were accommodated the customers of the Palace Hotel.

The most interesting decoration element of the immobile is the principal luminary. Placed on the first floor, it functions as a “garden of light”, in the description of the specialists. The building also had many beautiful paintings and dadoes, especially in the rooms of the hotel, but which have deteriorated throughout the time.

Five earthquakes passed over this immobile, starting with the one from 1908 and ending with the one of 1990, and they had powerfully damaged its structure of resistance. Despite the fact that the traces of time can be easily seen all over the building, the local authorities say the fact that there hadn’t been done any kind of consolidations works, not even after the earthquake of 1977.

The former Hotel Palace has paintings executed with stone dust.

The pedestal and the field of the finishes from the level of the ground floor are executed of buciarda mosaic.


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