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The sports company and environmental protection “Academic” – RuseCod 2380

The company sports and environmental protection “Akademik” Ruse was founded in 1961. It was registered as a non-profit association in 1991. Solicitnţii initial registration of the company and its first collective members are hiking club tour “A. Kostadinov “club tour aqua club tour routes” Meridian “, the club ski-tourism ‘Sever’ 66” guidance club sports club English club spelunking and tourism “Echo”.

Its agenda, the company carried out various educational activities, training, competitions and environmental protection. They were trained hundreds of tour organizers, instructors, guides, jurors and other sporting and pedagogical frameworks.
On the 25th anniversary, the company was awarded the “Order of Cyril and Methodius” – first degree.

An important work of recent years has been placed on the work of nature protection. Since 1980, every action takes place anu green ‘Lakes clean “and” clean mountain “trails Pirin, Rila and Stara Planina. Besides tons of deşeruie collected and disposed of, they were conducted educational and training activities at scale. These activities were carried out by the company in partnership with the action directions national park “Central Balkan”, Pirin and Rila, and the National Park “Rusenski Lom”.
Between 1997-1998, the society members participated in the project “Building a network of student associations and school for nature protection”, financed by Club “Open Society” – Ruse and UNP “Rusenski Lom”.

Between 1999 and 2000, the company worked on 4 projects on training and institutional support to its members, two of which were financed by the German Popular Universities Association.
STPD “Akademik” – Ruse has an office, a meeting room and storage in the body 14 of the University of Ruse.

Socieateta has active clubs in tourism hiking, caving, hiking aquatic, climbing and climbing, mountaineering and other activities.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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