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Todoroni Kukli (Todorini Dolls) Peak, VarshetsCod 2130

Teddy dolls are a group of four rocky peaks of the Western Balkan Mountains, of which the largest has a height of 1785 m. It is located 10 km southwest of Vrsac and 6 km northeast of Petrohan Pass. The tops form a short hill, a main branch of Stara Planina Ridge, in north-south. The two highest peaks are in the south, along the ridge, are herbaceous, while the last two from the north are sharp rocky slopes. The elevation is at the southern peak of the group.
From the top are panoramic views of the plain Kom, on the northwest is Berkovitsa and Montana and on the north is Vratsa. On the north of Teddy Dolls, at a distance of 5 km is the Klisura monastery.
Teddy dolls are associated with the folk legend of the beautiful girl Todora. According to the folk song, she promised to become the wife of that young lad who at midnight would climb the highest peak and let there a bookmark. Since nobody wanted to go, she walked boldly up taking with her a bundle, and came to a small clearing on top, where the bundle got stuck in the ground. When she wanted to return, she felt something that pulled her apron or leg, and she was afraid that there were evil spirits or fairies; she pulled all at once and fell into the terrible abyss below the peak.
After a while, people have discovered in this place, only Todora’s bundle, standing and this was a sign not only of her ascent, but also of her death.

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