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Aqua Magic, MamaiaCod 1078

Aqua Magic is a water park, which opened on 1 July 2003.

With an impressive surface of 27,500 square meters,, the aqua park offers to all its visitors the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day together with friends or with family in areas designated for children and adults, satisfying the desire of relaxation of some of them and adventure and adrenaline for the others.

Aqua Magic offers 13 sources of entertainment:

– Water-playground- playground specially designed for children, consisting of multiple swimming pools and an area of ​​875 square meters and a water depth of 40 cm

– Baby Pool – has an area of ​​330 square meters, a maximum water depth of 20 cm and is characterized by the multitude of mini-slides, troublesome pools and fairy tale characters

– Relax Pool – perfect escape when the sun’s rays turn up the heat. Here we find lush vegetation, tasty cocktails, harmony and music

– Multi-slide – slides to 8 meters high and 41 meters long

– River Ride – for people who prefer coils, this section and provides thrills by two troughs of different colors, and a diameter of 1700 mm, starting height of 5 m, 50 m length each of them and landing pools

– Space Bowl – super strong sensations starting from 11 m height in a sealed tube, which continues into a large open space and end up in a deep pool 2 m

– Mega Pipe – a closed tube, red color, with a diameter of 800 mm, 11.4 m starting height and 42 m running length.

– Twister – offers twists, coils, fast sliding and adrenaline in two braided tubes, of different colors, a diameter of 800 mm, which starts from 11,4 m and has a running length of 50 m

– Turboslide – is a tube with a diameter of 800 mm departing from a height of 11 m, slips through 70 m and makes 2 loops falling into pool

– Lazy River – River flowing 3 m wide, 1.3 m deep and 360 m long communicates with all pools, including the swimming pool for adults.

Other attractions:

– Super Crater, Kamikaze, Corks, Side Winder and Black Hole. Beyond aquatic pastimes, must be known that Aqua Magic offers daily performances and competitions and during these shows the competitors receive a lot of rewards.

Loungers and umbrellas  area covers the entire park, bordering the main pool,  the river and the area dedicated to children. The Park fitted with numerous terraces, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy various drinks, ice cream, snacks, sweets and various dishes.
The park is supervised by a team of security, water security is ensured by lifeguards and Aqua Magic Medical Center, a modern and properly equipped, ready to handle any accidents that may happen inside the park.
In certain days of the week, the fun does not end inside the park even if the sun sets. Concerts of well-known Romanian artists are organized and the terraces are open non-stop, and the aquatic facilities  work until late at night.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
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